Podcast EP 10 – Interview with Hans Van Vliet of 7Bit Hero

7bit hero interview Hans Van Vliet life lessons from video games

Today’s interview is with Hans from 7bit Hero, he is the frontman for the bitpop band based out of Brisbane, Australia. The group’s music combines chiptune samples, old-school gaming, as well as live instruments to create an experience unlike any other. 7bit Hero has played notable shows including the EB Games Expo, and PAX AUS. Their song Come on. Stand out was nominated at the Q Music awards for best pop song, and their EP We Eat Loot is available on bandcamp.

In this interview Hans and I talk about:

  • Life lessons from video games
  • How 7bit Hero combines music and video games in a live show experience like no other
  • Empathy gaming and deeper meaning within video games
  • The story behind the the amazing video for Bubble Dragon

If you enjoyed this interview, please let Hans & 7bit Hero know! You can find him on Twitter or Facebook

Check out this incredible video for the Song “Bubble Dragon” my favorite Bubble Bobble tribute ever!