3 Lessons from Florida Supercon 2014

florida supercon lessons from video games

The following three allegamy lessons are from my panel at the 2014 Florida Supercon – enjoy!

Part 1 – Self Efficacy & Self Esteem

Part 2 – Avoiding Regret

Part 3 – Focus on What You Can Do

What is a lesson you have learned from video games?

  • JoseO42

    I attended your lecture at Supercon. It was an entertaining lecture and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    • Thank you for coming out! I appreciate your comment as well. Was there a particular idea or story that you found to be helpful?

  • JoseO42

    I remember you mentioned how today’s games would give achievements when certain things were accomplished in a game which is something the older games of 80s and 90s did not have. I forgot to mention that something else that you get today is unlockables. I think this is done to have a game have replay value since most people stop playing a game once they beat it (assuming a game is beatable of course).

  • JoseO42

    Another thing that can be learned from video games is risk versus reward. Sometimes you are presented with a choice in a game where you can play it safe and get to the next level but sometimes you might wish to take a risk and get a reward as a result of taking a risk.

    • Great point! Have you ever taken a risk and had a great payoff?I love hearing about others success stories.