It’s Your Turn: Level 3 – I Hate Educational Video Games

Your Turn Challenge day 3 i hate educational video games

I personally have a strong distaste for education video games. Actually, I hate them. Here’s why:

Poor execution. The genre of game know “edutainment” suffers from not clearly understanding what it should be.

The worst offenders in this category try way too hard to be educational AND a video game, but end up failing at both. Here’s the real problem –

The Teaching Game Knows That it is a Teaching Tool

When … Continue reading

It’s Your Turn: Level 2 – What is Your Quest?

This post is part 2 of the #YourTurnChallenge based on Seth Godin’s book What to Do When It’s Your Turn

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its your turn seth godin ship video games

What would you quest for? What is more important to you?

It’s one thing to be willing to die for a cause, but there an entirely different level of commitment required to be willing to live for something.

It’s easy to stand … Continue reading

It’s Your Turn: Level 1

day 1 ship

2015 is my year.  It’s actually your year as well (in case you don’t know).

It’s time to ship.

Earlier this year I participated in Chris Brogan’s My 3 Word exercise, where participants choose three words to define their year. My words for 2015 are Share, Shift, and Ship.

Anything sound familiar about word #3?

Seth Godin’s book: What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn) gave me the needed kick … Continue reading

When the Game is About Life

that dragon cancer kickstarter video game

In a time of assassins, warzones, battles and conflict, a unique voice rises. It’s not yelling or screaming – it’s more powerful. It’s a whisper. It’s the voice of a child and his family. It’s the story of a family confronted with miracles and loss, with hope and sadness.

This is a video game about many things: cancer, pain, anxiety, sadness, joy, faith, and love.

It’s also about hope in the face of what every parent … Continue reading

Reading and Playing In November

november reading and playing list life lessons from video games

It’s been a while since I’ve featured an update to my reading and playing list, so this one is long overdue.

Rather than try to catch up on the great books and games that I’ve been reading and playing lately, I want to just focus on the few that have captured my attention during the month of November.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell

I’ve been a fan of John Maxwell’s … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: Restoring Your HP & MP

thanksgiving video games

Living in the U.S., it’s pretty natural to celebrate Thanksgiving – but I think no matter where you live, we all have this in common: we have a lot to be thankful for, and there are many times that we do not express or even think about all that we do have.

Here are some silly little things that I am thankful for as someone who enjoys video games:

What To Do While You Wait – Life’s Loading Screens

what to do while waiting life lessons from video games

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Do you ever find yourself waiting?

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