How Fallout 4 Can Help You Find Your Purpose In Life

Fallout 4 life lessons
I want you to imagine the following:
You are in Fallout Shelter #139 and you will never make it out.
There is a 9 year old who is also in the shelter with you who will be put into cryostasis, and they will survive to live as an adult in a world where almost everything is the same as it is today (as opposed to the post-apocalyptic wasteland found in Fallout 4, by Bethesda Game Studios – yes, you should probably go buy this).

What one sentence of advice will you tell this 9 year old about how to live their life?

Write down the first think that comes to mind.
Don’t overthink it.
Reflect on this sentence and modify and re-write it as necessary.
Once you feel that it is just about right, set it aside and read it again tomorrow. 
Now begin to live your life according to this advice.
 I’ll be doing the same…
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This is a modified version of an exercise found in The Ray Edwards Podcast Episode #193
  • Great thought! I’d tell them to find and focus on their purpose.