How Gamers Can Earn Respect

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The gaming community seems to have a bit of a respect issue. It seems that within the video game industry there is a lot of fighting for respect. Indie devs are fighting for the respect they deserve, musicians composing amazing scores are fighting for game soundtracks to be respected, and women are fighting for respectful depictions of their gender in games. Even gaming itself has been fighting for the right to be seen as a legitimate art form.

So the following question almost answers itself: Have you ever felt disrespected?

I know I have.

Do you ever feel like you are not respected in the way that you deserve?

I’ve been there too.

So how does one guarantee that they get the respect they deserve?

You can’t.

But if you really want to know how to improve your chances, you have to show others the respect you would like to receive.

What Respect Looks Like


We all know how it feels to be disrespected, but what does respect look like? From Barbara Glanz’s Book Care Packages for the Workplace: Dozens of Little Things You Can Do To Regenerate Spirit At Work Here are Hyler Bracey’s 5 expectations you can meet to promote a feeling of respect.

1. Listen without judging

2. Acknowledge others’ differences without placing blame

3. Give others credit for their special and unique qualities

4. Assume others have a positive intention for what they do (even if how they do it does not come out right)

5. Tell the truth, with compassion when the news is difficult

If you think about a time you felt disrespected, chances are one of the 5 expectations in the gran turismo respect video game quote classically trainedlist above were broken.

Respect is all about valuing others for who they are, and you will always be a better person for respecting others.

In fact, very few respected people are disrespectful to others.  As long as I am thinking about myself, and the respect I think I am entitled to – I miss the point.

I need to ask a better question of myself, knowing that better questions lead to better answers.

So the answer to increasing respect within and throughout the gaming community is the same answer to increasing respect in our communities and homes.

We must lead by example. We must show others how it is done, to seek first to understand their needs before we try to have our own met.

Anything else falls short.

In the end, it is not about getting the respect I deserve, but rather, how can I show others the respect they deserve?