Podcast Episode 05 – Why Leadership, Lifehacks, and Video Games?

life lessons from video games leadership classically trained podcast

In this episode of the ClassicallyTrained podcast, I answer the question of how this site & show came to be.

I also answer:

Why Video Games AND Leadership?
What I do when I am not writing about video games and life lessons
Why I am not talking about Gamification (nothing personal)


The Life Changing Time Management Technique You Can Learn From Tetris

How Galaga Can Teach You to Overcome Fear and Embrace Your Inner Awesome

Want to Be Successful? Space Invaders Can Show You How

Starve the Doubts Podcast with Jared Easley

Podcast Movement

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration)

Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal

Intro/outro music: “Playing with Power” by FantomenK

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