6 Life And Leadership Lessons From The Movie Pixels

pixles movie life leadership lessons video games arcaders

“Looks like all the time spent playing video games has paid off.”

I miss fun movies like I miss arcades. Thankfully, Pixels has a healthy dose of fun, laughs, and arcade nostalgia. A perfect Summer movie it’s lighthearted, comical, and serves as a love letter to those of us who grew up when the latest game was in the arcade, and DLC was not even a glimmer in a developer’s …

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How Galaga Can Teach You to Overcome Fear and Embrace Your Inner Awesome

galaga classically trained fear

 A special shout out to Jon Acuff- thanks for suggesting a lesson from Galaga. Jon Acuff is a New York Times Best Selling Author of four books – check out his blog and find out more at: http://acuff.me/


A classic that has taken more of my quarters than I care to admit – Galaga embodies some of the very best things about gaming nostalgia – back in the day when arcades …

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