Podcast EP 36: Nathan Barnatt – Creating Your Own Future

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Nathan Barnatt is an actor, comedian, dancer, and filmmaker. He’s been in many videos, movies, shorts, and known for High School USA!, Kirby Buckets and Talking Classics as Keith Apicary. After a performance on Comedy Central’s “Gong Show” Andy Dick called him “the next Buster Keaton”. His dance videos are legendary as is his love for video games of all kinds. Please welcome to the show, Nathan Barnatt.

Join us as we talk about:

  • Talking Classics and Keith Apicary – Past, Present, and Future
  • Getting into trouble in the airport and never breaking character
  • Secret stuff we can’t talk about!
  • 300 million views across videos on YouTube
  • Defining your own legacy
  • Trale Lewous – self-proclaimed spokesperson for candy (inspired by commercials for Semi-Pro, the movie neither of us could remember)
  • What it means to go chugging gigabytes
  • That one time Nathan’s brother Cheffid lived in a van. In the driveway. For a year.
  • Ray Amsley – The one legged martial artist and how to never get murdered again.
  • Which 3 video game characters would Nathan take on a Carpool trip
  • We experience a mutual “old man” moment that devolves in to way too much reminiscing
  • …and much, much more! (Seriously, this was a massive, awesome episode)

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Dreamcast 2 video

Talking Classics at E3

Champin (Cam Ping)