Podcast EP 33: Life Lessons From Video Games

life lessons from video games podcast

If you are a gamer, you realize the power of video games to inspire, excite, and even teach life lessons. This special episode is dedicated to all the gamers who realize the amazing potential for good within one of our favorite hobbies.

Featuring some of the best thoughts of influential experts from my interviews over the past year, this episode is packed with thought provoking commentary on life lessons from video games.

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Podcast EP 27: Patrick Scott Patterson Interview

interview patrick scott patterson life leadership lessons video games

Patrick Scott Patterson (Scott to his friends) is a Multi-Media personality specializing in video gaming and pop culture. His work appears across a wide variety of media, including live speaking engagements, television, film, radio and more.

Patterson fell in love with video gaming when he first encountered a Pac-Man arcade machine as a child in September 1981. So enamored with video games, Patterson eventually found interest in not only the games themselves but the history of the industry and the culture surrounding it. In time, he became the go-to guy for media discussions about gaming topics ranging from the controversies over violent video games to a variety of historical topics and chats about current industry events..

Among the media outlets that have cited or featured Patterson are USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, G4tv, Guinness World Records, ESPN, NBC News, the Chicago Sun Times and a variety of regional newscasts, newspapers and radio stations across North America.

Patterson appears in documentary films such as World 1-1, Pixel Poetry and upcoming documentary Nintendo Quest.

In this episode, Patrick Scott Patterson and I talk about:

  • How he got involved with video game history
  • When he realized how his knowledge could be used to help others
  • Some of the narratives about gaming that still have not changed in the media
  • An important life lesson that video games teach us
  • What video games don’t teach us
  • The three video game characters Patrick Scott Patterson would carpool with

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