Video Game Quotes: Rambo On Taking Action

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“But it’s up to you. The game doesn’t start until you say yes.”

– Colonel Trautman, Rambo (NES)

Ok, Rambo on the NES is a pretty terrible game. But this quote is just awesome. Life requires us to make a move before things happen. We often cannot control when things end, but we can have a say as to when the begin.

Sure there are times when we are forced to wait (here’s a few things you can do while stuck on life’s loading screens), but we are still accountable for taking action.

The Mindfluence Revolution Podcast mentions the idea that “Action ends dissatisfaction,” and when we take steps to pursue our dreams, we find that we are much happier – even in the face of challenge.

Personally, being stuck or stagnant is the worse state to be in.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

The game doesn’t start until you say yes.

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