Podcast EP 14 – The Street Fighter’s Guide to Epic Energy and Focus

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 8 Life & Leadership Lessons from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

In this episode I share with you 6 habits that can unlock your warrior’s strength and energy for daily use. Most are free and you can start doing them immediately!

Resources …

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How to Keep People From Mashing Your Buttons

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I’ve seen many people handle situations very poorly when they don’t get their way.

Think about the last time that you were in a store or some other public place, and a small child was throwing a temper tantrum. Embarrassing, right? As uncomfortable as it is to watch a child have a small meltdown, it is even more problematic for an adult. Sure, there are less tears, screaming, and flailing of …

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How Video Games Can Teach Us To Handle Conflict

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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation were you and the other individual did not see eye to eye?

How did it go?

Chances are, not as well as you would like.

Conflict in video games seems so much easier. There are rules, a third party keeps track of the score in an objective fashion, and at the end there is a clear winner. Most of us feel …

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The Downfall of Every Video Game Villain

humility video game quote

I’m really excited to share with you an allegamy that you can use today at work, school, or in your home. This is a subtle idea but it has the potential to share the entire direction that your life takes.

In fact, a large number of video game villains have found their defeat at the hands of a hero who embodied this very trait. I’d go as far as …

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8 Life & Leadership Lessons from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

street fighter assassin's fist life leadership lessons classically trained

8 Life & leadership Lessons from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist


Finally, fans have a worthy live action representation of Street Fighter universe. Thanks to the amazing cast & crew of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist (SF:AF), fans of the game have a live action series with an amazingly well written story, compelling acting, faithful and respectful treatment of the source material with top notch fight …

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