Want to Be Successful? Space Invaders Can Show You How.

space invaders classically trained success

This secret is no secret at all. A simple concept, well-known and completely embraced by every one of those otherworldly invaders is essential for anyone who wants to be successful.

This one factor contributes to the Space Invaders’ eventual success against even the most skilled spaceship pilots they descend upon, and this same factor is applied by the very best players of the game to achieve the highest scores.

The same idea, when …

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How the Contra Code Can Help You Succeed in Life

Contra code succed in life classically trained

 A special shout out to Matt McKee- thanks for suggesting a lesson from Contra. Matt is an entrepreneur and has a passion for making a difference, marketing, technology, and sports – check out his blog and find out more at http://www.mattmckee.me/

The legendary Konami code – it is probably most famous for its use in the original Contra for the NES, when inputting Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, …

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How the Game Joust can Help You Get Promoted

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 A special shout out to Catalyst John – thanks for requesting a lesson from Joust – this is for you. John is a Business coach & speaker – find out more at: http://catalystjohn.com/

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A determining factor in success in life, school, and work (as well as a strong determining factor in getting …

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