Video Game Quotes: Earthbound on Self Talk

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I’m the evil part of your brain. You can’t beat me. Because you are the one who forced me into being.

Ness’ Dream, Earthbound

Have you even been pursuing a dream or a passion, only to have someone shoot it down?

Do you ever listen the the voices that tell you things like:

“You’re not good enough”

“You’ll never make it – you should just give up”

“No one cares, why should you even try?”

“Who are you to do that? You are too… [young/old/late/stupid/poor/shy/etc]

These voices are not true, and to win a creative battle we must fight these voices… and win.

BONUS TIPEarthbound was originally called Mother 2 in Japan. That’s a hint, guys and girls. This weekend is Mother’s Day. Do something awesome for your mom, and if you have kids, help them do something awesome for their mom.

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