Video Game Quotes: Popful Mail on Time

popful mail video game quotes leadership life lesson


I’ve got all the time in the world…

– Popful Mail

Time is funny – it spends itself, regardless if you plan to use it or not. So how are you using your time?

Are you always in a hurry, or do you have a sense of ease?

When is the last time that you thought to yourself “I have all the time in the world?”

I personally can’t remember thinking a thought along those lines in over five years.

Maybe more.

Then again, maybe you are waiting. Feeling stuck. If that is you, then here is what you can do in the meantime.

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When the Game is About Life

that dragon cancer kickstarter video game

In a time of assassins, warzones, battles and conflict, a unique voice rises. It’s not yelling or screaming – it’s more powerful. It’s a whisper. It’s the voice of a child and his family. It’s the story of a family confronted with miracles and loss, with hope and sadness.

This is a video game about many things: cancer, pain, anxiety, sadness, joy, faith, and love.

It’s also about hope in the face …

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