How Video Games Can Teach Us To Handle Conflict

life lessons from video games conflict resolution classically trained

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation were you and the other individual did not see eye to eye?

How did it go?

Chances are, not as well as you would like.

Conflict in video games seems so much easier. There are rules, a third party keeps track of the score in an objective fashion, and at the end there is a clear winner. Most of us feel …

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All Your Misunderstandings Are Belong To Us

all your base classically trained

Translating video games from one language to another can present opportunity for all sorts of miscommunications. While not always essential information, mistranslation can lead to some humorous results – here are a few of the more memorable classic gaming mistranslations:

Metal Gear
I feel asleep.

Final Fantasy VII
This guy are sick.

Pro Wrestling
A Winner is You!

Violator and subject to severe penalties and will be prosecutedt …

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