Video Game Quotes: Final Fantasy XV on Hope

ignis quote sm

For every lock, there exists a key.

– Ignis Scientia, Final Fantasy XV

The world of Final Fantasy XV is a vast one, filled with danger, excitement, and mystery. At one point, Prince Noctis (voiced by THE Ray Chase and the “Chocobros” encounter a door that is very much locked. Always providing timely insight, is the royal advisor (and master chef), Ignis Scientia (voiced by the talented Adam Croasdell). 

 More than just a casual observation, this quote from Ignis reveals an important truth about why video games are so compelling, and offers all of us an example of how hope can drive ingenuity. One of the key drivers that keeps individuals playing well-crafted video games, is a sense of purpose, or “epic meaning.” 

 (You can learn more about epic meaning from Jane McGonigal’s now classic TED talk HERE  or dig really deep into the realm of gamification with expert Yu-Kai Chou in this post HERE ).  

 This sense of purpose, and hope that a solution exists, is essential to all great games, even if the purpose is simply to explore or enjoy the time spent playing. 

 I find Ignis’ words especially motivating when looking at a difficult task, or when I am trying to accomplish something that has never been done before. If we enter into a challenge with the expectation that it CAN be overcome, then our brains go to work on creating the solution. 

 However, if we believe that something is impossible, our minds shut down and we cannot see the solution, even if it right in front of us.

 This hopeful mindset provides purpose, and interestingly enough, reminds me of yet another speaker with a similar message, Simon Sinek. Simon’s message is that when you start with why you are doing something, what you do and how you do it can align. And without a clear whywhat you do and the how you do it will lack clarity and focus. 

 What difficult challenge are you facing today? 

 Remember this quote. 

 Then, go find the key.