Video Game Quotes: Thimbleweed Park

thimbleweed park quote
“There’s nothing ‘little’ about murder, sir”
~ Agent Reyes
In a town like Thimbleweed Park a dead body is the least of your problems. Or is it? Federal Agent Reyes arrives in the town of Thimbleweed Park to investigate a murder, but that is only the beginning of the adventure. In one conversation with a local citizen, the homicide in question is referred to as “one little murder.”

Perhaps you have heard the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff.” This makes for a nice sound bite, but in reality, it’s wrong. In most jobs, you are actually paid to sweat the small stuff!

Employees dismiss something as “not my job,” but this is actually avoiding personal accountability. If a part of your job has a purpose to a customer or client, you should care very much. Seth Godin talks about this as an “unfair advantage” that any company, no matter how small, can put to use.

If you and your team you work with commit to caring more that anyone else, you will win the hearts and business of those you serve.

It’s easy to minimize a problem – it takes courage to try to solve it.

How will you sweat the small stuff today?

And if you have not yet played Thimbleweed Park, I urge you to do so – it’s filled with great humor and challenging puzzles to help you practice sweating the small stuff – and you can play it on your computer, phone, or console (I bought it for the Nintendo Switch, so that’s the version I recommend).