Are You Guilty of this Online Gaming Sin?

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I love multiplayer games. Being able to compete with your friends in a 4 player game of Goldeneye 007 or Bomberman on the N64 is amazing fun. Online connectivity has opened the doors to the world, and we can now test or skills against challengers from around the world, or even form a team with real time communication across … Continue reading

How Gamers Can Earn Respect

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The gaming community seems to have a bit of a respect issue. It seems that within the video game industry there is a lot of fighting for respect. Indie devs are fighting for the respect they deserve, musicians composing amazing scores are fighting for game soundtracks to be respected, and women are fighting for respectful depictions of their gender in games. Even gaming itself has been fighting for the right to be seen as a legitimate art form.

So the following question almost answers itself: … Continue reading

The Downfall of Every Video Game Villain

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I’m really excited to share with you a real life power up that you can use today at work, school, or in your home. This is a subtle idea but it has the potential to share the entire direction that you life takes.

In fact, a large number of video game villains have found their defeat at the hands of a hero who embodied this very trait. I’d go as far as to say that the lack of this trait is the downfall of EVERY video game … Continue reading

1st World Gamer Problems

1st world problems

“I wish I had your problems.”

Have you ever thought something like this?

Did you know that someone out there is probably thinking that very thought about YOU?

The more we “have” in life, it seems, the more trivial our problems can become.

1st World Gamer Problems


  • I’ve got too many games, I don’t know which one to play.
  • I master the offline mode, only to get slaughtered online.
  • I memorize and practice all the special moves and combos, only to get … Continue reading

The 5 Secret Sources of Joy that Kirby Will Never Know

kirby sources of joy classically trained

Take time to eat.

Are you always in a rush? Do you eat your food like Kirby or PacMan?

Bro, do you even chew?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kirby games, but that guy has some crazy eating habits.

As much as I criticize, when it comes to lunch, I am guilty of cramming food into a short lunch break, and seeing the meal as more of an inconvenience than anything else. I have gotten into the bad habit of eating at my … Continue reading