Life Lessons from Video Games: Skeuomorphism & Journaling

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Did You Remember to Save?

Since the days of battery based save systems on the NES, I’ve been an almost compulsive game saver. I find myself creating multiple save states in some games – at one point, I think I had 12 different save points for Metal Gear Solid 4, and my saves in Half Life 2 almost required their own indexed … Continue reading

Podcast EP 08 – Interview with Curtis Fletcher: Leadership, Parenting & Hiring

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Curtis Fletcher is a Spectaculum Artifex (Creator of the Spectacular). 

Self described as part wizard, part warrior-poet, and part wiseguy, Curtis Fletcher has held a wide range of roles from CTO to VP of Strategy; from Web Designer to Director of Marketing Operations, he’s had experience with creating department charters, organizational design, and process design for multiple Customer Experience focused groups. He has been involved in redesigning customer experiences for close to 15 years, at companies such as Corporate Express, Ariba, … Continue reading

How to Keep People From Mashing Your Buttons

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I’ve seen many people handle situations very poorly when they don’t get their way.

Think about the last time that you were in a store or some other public place, and a small child was throwing a temper tantrum. Embarrassing, right? As uncomfortable as it is to watch a child have a small meltdown, it is even more problematic for an adult. Sure, there are less tears, screaming, and flailing of limbs – but not always.

In the unfortunate case of the adult temper … Continue reading

Podcast EP 07 – 3 Ways to Make Work More Like a Game

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listen to ‘Ep 07 3 Ways to Make Work More Like a Game’ on Audioboo

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Welcome to episode 07 of the ClassicallyTrained Pocast – THE source for Life and Leadership Lessons from Video Games.

In this Episode I look at 3 ways that you can make work more like a game (hint: it does NOT involve singing about a … Continue reading

Boost Your Productivity with a Final Fantasy Inspired Coffee Elixir

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The Elixir in the Final Fantasy Game Series is an extremely valuable and rare item, that in most cases completely restores your health and magic points. It would be great if something like this existed in reality – imagine the benefits it could have in productivity! I can only imagine that a product like this would not be FDA approved, nor would it be recommended for daily use.

However, I have discovered the recipe inspired by the Final Fantasy Elixir drink that … Continue reading

Podcast EP 06 – Interview with David Hayter

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This week’s episode features an interview with the man, the myth, and the legend: David Hayter!

David Hayter is a talented actor, voice actor and screen writer for movies such as X-Men, X-Men 2, as well as co-writer for the Scorpion King and Watchmen. He is well known by gamers as the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Smash Brothers, and many other spin off games. You can follow him on twitter HERE.

In this interview, David … Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid Customer Service Training With CQC

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Customer Service jobs can be very challenging, but that is usually due to just a few customers. I have spent several years working in the hospitality industry. I have worked as a waiter and expeditor in a fine dining restaurant, and worked at the front desk of a luxury boutique hotel. I’ve even worked in a call center, both on … Continue reading