How to Slow Down Time

how to slow down time

Flash Man from Mega Man 2.

The Stopwatch Sub Weapon in many Castlevania Games.

Bullet time from Max Payne and Enter the Matrix.

Slow/Stop from the Final Fantasy universes.

Viewtiful Joe, Ōkami, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Devil May Cry 3, and Grand Theft Auto 3 are just a few examples of games that have some … Continue reading

Game Shelf: Mortal Kombat II Gameboy

mortal kombat 2 ii classically trained For this edition of my Game Shelf I’ll be taking a look at Mortal Kombat II (MK2) for the Game Boy. Yes, the tiny black-and-white (well, greenish yellow) handheld wonder.

The short version of this is: It’s surprisingly good.

It’s rather ambitious to think that it’s a high-quality fast-paced five button arcade fighting game like MK2 could be successfully translated to the Nintendo Game Boy – a monochrome two button (Ok, technically, four button) handheld system, but that is exactly what we are dealing with.

Frankly, … Continue reading

The Best Final Fantasy Tribute Album of All Time (Final Fantasy VI)

jon harrison final fantasy vi ff 6 balance and ruin music

*I first wrote about this on my other website, in September 2013. It’s worth revisiting here! 

I want to share with you the most amazing fan tribute project I have ever personally witnessed. This is a masterpiece of love.

The entire album can be found HERE:

A group of musicians over at the put together an entire remake of the soundtrack for the 1994 Super Nintendo release Final Fantasy VI. For those of … Continue reading

Game Shelf: Mega Man 2 NES

game shelf Mega Man 2 classically trained

This is the heading where I will share with you some of my favorite games. This is not a formal review, as much is it is a commentary on what games I have really enjoyed playing.

Do you have a game that you just love going back to and replaying? When you think back to a game that has a lot of good memories for you, what game comes to mind?

For me, … Continue reading

The Blockbuster World Championship and the Importance of a Plan B

I am taking you down a trip on memory lane – let’s go all the way back to the Summer of 1994.

At this time Blockbuster Video was still and actual store where you could rent movies (on VHS) and video games (on a physical cartage).

Do you remember the movie The Wizard? The one where Fred Savage competes in a video game competition and Super Mario Bros 3 was unveiled? Well, the Blockbuster World Championship was pretty much the same thing…

Well, minus the Power Glove.

Anyways, the tournament was split into Continue reading

Welcome to Classically Trained: Life & Leadership Lessons from Classic VIdeogames

classically trained

Welcome to Classically Trained: Life & Leadership Lessons from Classic Videogames

Welcome to Classically Trained: Life & Leadership Lessons from Classic Videogames

At first, you might be thinking “How do life & leadership lessons go with videogames?”

I remember while growing up, parents and others adults telling me that no one would pay you to play video games, that you would not get a job doing that.

Also, the claim that “Videogames … Continue reading

Coming Soon

What can Street Fighter 2 teach you about success in the workplace?

Do you know the secret that Mega Man uses to simplify the most difficult tasks?

How can Animal Crossing help you win friends and influence people? or even live a debt free life, filled with financial peace?

Check back soon for the answers to these questions and more!